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Shelter Dogs are Priceless.
Pet Tips
photo by Alan Weissman

Top 9 emergency planning tips for your pets, provided by ASPCA.

1. pack at least 3 days of food and water for your pets. They need their own supply.

2. make sure shots and ID tags are up to date
3. keep pet travel packs in easy to reach locations (we can demonstrate what to have in your travel pack)

4. make a list of people who can take care of your pet, near by as well as outside the area where you live.

5. plan for it. bring pets into home before storms. make sure pet areas are secure and free from falling object danger. crate training
is helpful.

6. confirm your emergency evacuation plans.. practice with everyone, including your pets!!!

7. do not allow pets to roam freely.. keep on leash. Even if they normally follow you everywhere, they will be scared and act different.

8. pets become confused, try to get them on a regular schedule as soon as possible after earthquake or other emergency.

9. if your pet is lost, contact your local animal shelter immediately. Have numbers on hand before they are lost. have current photo and

Get a FREE Emergency Pet Alert Sticker for your home, and additional emergency tips here.


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